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  • Boxelder Bug / Beetle

    Boxelder Bug / Beetle

    • Color: Black with reddish lines on its wings that form an inverted V when at rest.
    • Body Size: About 1/2 inch long.
    • Found: Boxelder bugs get their names because they are a major pest of boxelder trees. They become a nuisance pest when they congregate on the exterior of structures, sometimes in great numbers, then enter between cracks and crevices in walls and siding. These overwintering adults may emerge into homes during the winter. Their fecal matter can then stain curtains, drapes, clothing, and surfaces on which they rest. They also may occasionally bite.

  • Woodboring Beetle

    Woodboring Beetle

    • Color: Metallic woodboring beetles or jewel-beetles are known for their shiny iridescent colors. Wing-covers of some species are metallic green, copper, black, or blue.
    • Body Size: 0.24 to 0.98 inches (6–25 mm) long.
    • Found: The larvae of this beetle burrows into plants through roots and logs or from within the bark to the inner cambium layers. They are known as leaf and stem miners of woody plants. Woodboring species attack dying trees or dead branches on healthy trees. These beetles are attracted to alder, rose bushes, blue beech, ironwood, and hazelnut plants.
    • Threats: Woodboring beetles leave shot holes and frass (sawdust) in hardwood flooring, beams, and joists. Beetle infested wood contain tunnels filled with this frass. Recreation and log homes are susceptible to beetle attacks due to high moisture due to intermittent heat or inadequate ventilation; weakening

  • Stink Bug

    Stink Bug

    • Color: brownish grey
    • Size: ¾ of an inch in length
    • Feed on: fruit and other vegetation
    • Nests:  During the winter months, is when they typically seek shelter in homes. During the warm summer months, they are known to infest areas outside of homes in mass numbers.
    • Identifying characteristics: stink bugs emit a pungent odor when threatened or killed. They are known for destroying gardens and agriculture, as they are resistant to many pesticides. These are a non aggressive species towards humans.

  • Carpet Beetle

    Carpet Beetle

    • Color: The black carpet beetle is solid black, while other species have varied colored patterns (such as the varied carpet beetle shown here).
    • Body Size: About 1/8 inch long.
    • Found: In attics and around the home in carpeting, woolen fabrics, furs, tapestries, and other similar materials.
    • Threats: Varied carpet beetles will feed on upholstery and carpet and can damage clothing and fabrics. To help prevent infestations, store clothing in plastic containers. Always wash or dry clean before storing for long periods of time.