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When to Call a Spider Exterminator Professional

With several thousand different types of spiders in existence in the U.S., it’s common to see a spider or two around the home or office. Having a few around is good because they feed on various insects and other types of bugs (e.g., fleas, ticks, silverfish, cockroaches) that are considerably more harmful. If it seems as though there are too many spiders for one’s comfort, then it may be time to seek help. Following are signs that it’s time to call a spider control professional. 

If You Have an Alarming Number of Spiders

The most obvious reason to call a pest control specialist is if you see a large number of spiders. The presence of many spiders may indicate that there is also a problem with an infestation of other types of bugs. Spiders can’t survive without a generous supply of food available. When a home or business has many insects, it will surely attract spiders. In the presence of plentiful food, spiders grow and mature to the point that they are capable of mating and laying eggs. A spider’s egg sac can contain hundreds of baby spiders. Over time, you can end up with generation after generation of spiders that are difficult to eliminate. Even before this happens, it may be time to call in a spider control specialist. The most common types of spiders found indoors include the following:

  • Cellar spider
  • House spider
  • Sac spider
  • Wolf spider

Presence of Spider Webs and Cob Webs

Not all spiders produce webs, but the presence of a number of spider webs and cobwebs throughout a home or commercial building can be a good indication of an infestation. Webs and cobwebs are commonly found in doorways, windows, ceilings, under furniture, in attics and other spaces. The spiders may not be visible, as many hide in dark areas at the edges of webs until prey lands in their web. If doing the following gets rid of the webs but the spiders keep rebuilding, it may be time to seek professional help:

  • Vacuum in, on, and under furniture
  • Keep ceilings and corners clear
  • Clean all nooks and crannies
  • Check windows, doors, and baseboards
  • Eliminate boxes and excess clutter
  • Minimize the use of drapes

No matter how hard you try, getting rid of spiders and preventing their return can be a challenge. Understanding the signs of a spider infestation can be a warning that professional spider control is in order.