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What Causes Spider Infestations?

Spiders are one of the most feared insect-types pests. Although most types of spiders are harmless, they still cause alarm for those who encounter them. There are a number of reasons why a home or business may end up with a spider infestation. Understanding why spiders become pests is a good way to know how to get rid of them and keep them away. 

Food Sources

Like all animals, spiders need to eat to survive. They primarily feed on insects and other bugs, so they seek out places with a ready supply of them. Although spiders are great to have around because they help get rid of more harmful pests (e.g., roaches, fleas, mosquitoes, etc.), in large numbers spiders can be an unwelcome annoyance. Unfortunately, this can occur inside people’s living and working spaces. Eliminating factors that attract excess bugs can help prevent spider infestations.

  • Keep unscreened windows and doors closed
  • Close gaps around doors and windows that allow light in
  • Seal cracks and crevices in baseboards
  • Avoid unclean and cluttered conditions
  • Minimize the use of porch lights and lamps in window

Seeking Shelter Indoors and Outdoors

Spiders are feared by many, but they need protection from predators and the elements just as well. In extreme temperatures, spiders can often be found indoors trying to escape extreme temperatures. They also seek out hiding places where they can build webs and lay eggs. Once inside, they can lay eggs and start a whole new generation of spiders making even more difficult to get rid of them. Doing the following can keep spiders from getting too comfortable:

  • Keep floors swept and mopped
  • Dust and vacuum corners, ledges, and furniture
  • Eliminate trash and clutter

Accidentally Hitch a Ride

One can blame the spider for wandering indoors in search for food or shelter. Sometimes, the actual culprits are those who inadvertently bring them inside. Many items that are commonly left around the yard, in the garage, or stored in sheds may harbor spiders and egg sacs. It’s important to thoroughly check the following objects for hitchhikers to prevent them from making a home inside.

  • Firewood
  • Flowers and plants
  • Storage boxes
  • Outdoor objects

The effective control of spiders may not be that obvious to those who aren’t trained. Learning about their basic needs and other reasons they end up indoors is a good place to start. When do-it-yourself tactics fail to work, a pest control professional can help eliminate and prevent spider infestations.