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Preventing Spiders: Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

Spiders are a part of nature, and they are bound to find their way inside of people’s homes. In spite of the benefits of spiders, who feed on pest insects, many people abhor them. A number of steps can be taken to help eliminate spider infestations and keep them out of the home.

Step 1: Remove Spiders and Webs

The first step in controlling spiders is to get rid of as many as you can find. A number of common household items can aid in the process. It’s important to look in warm, dark places that are high and low to identify a spider’s hiding place. They may be found in ceilings, under furniture, and even in storage boxes. Every nook and cranny are possible nesting sites. Once a spider or web is found, it can be easily removed with a rag, broom, dust mop, or other household cleaning item. After cleanup, it’s important to throw away or shake out the equipment where the spiders (and egg sacs) aren’t able to reestablish themselves. Repeat every month or two.

Step 2: Get Rid of Clutter

This step involves going through the entire house and trashing, removing, or reorganizing items that tend to attract spiders. There are a number of things that make conditions favorable for spiders. If these are eliminated, spiders have a harder time finding a place to nest. First, reduce clutter. Oftentimes, an unused room can get cluttered with old furniture, boxes, clothes, and other items. These undisturbed and dusty areas are perfect breeding grounds for spiders. Consider selling or donating items that are no longer needed. Second, avoid storing cardboard boxes, books, papers, shoes, and other objects under beds and closets that aren’t commonly used. Reorganize items and place them in plastic containers that can be properly sealed.

Step 3: Keep the House Clean

The last step should be a no-brainer, but it’s important to emphasize. A dirty house full of dirt, dust, and food crumbs is a welcome invitation for roaches, ants, pantry bugs, and other pests. Where there are bugs, there also will be spiders. Prevent insect and spider infestations but cleaning up crumbs and spills as soon as they occur. Regularly clean and disinfect floors, counters, tables, windowsills, and other surfaces. Thoroughly vacuum carpets every week to remove any insects and eggs that may be lurking. Leaving no trace behind will help keep the spiders away.

Step 4: Eliminate Entryways

Spiders may be easy to get rid of inside the home, but that doesn’t mean that others won’t keep coming in. Additional measures must be taken to keep the spiders outside where they belong. Spiders tend to find ways into homes through gaps in windows and doors or openings around foundations. Filling these entryways will block them out. Mulch, plants, wood, and other materials that are placed near the foundation of a home is another sure fire way to attract spiders. Consider mulch alternatives and place other materials away from the foundation.