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Why Ants Are Attracted to Homes

Ants do not only live in colonies outside–they commonly find themselves attracted to human habitations, becoming an unsightly problem. Ants find themselves attracted to the same things in human habitations that humans need–possibly even electronics, in the case of Rasberry (or Tawny) Crazy Ants. Knowledge of these ants and what is bringing them into a home is the first step in eliminating them effectively. 

Ants Need Water and Food

All species of ant are attracted to water, particularly in warm and dry months of the year. It is perhaps no surprise that bathrooms and kitchens are the two rooms in houses most reported to be favorites of ants. If ants find runoff from a dripping sink or leaky pipe, they will return to it continuously.

Food is another major attractor of ants. The diet of the ant depends on the species, but sugar and protein are the two main foods of ants. Poorly-cleaned kitchens, readily-accessible garbage, and both human and animal food left out are all prime target for ants. While some ants may prefer leftovers in the sink and others may prefer sugars from overripe fruit on the counter, their presence is unwanted. Eliminating their food sources can aid in eliminating the ants.

Despite differences in species, all ants need shelter. If ants have invaded a home, chances are that something in the surrounding environment has become a welcoming environment. Most ants that have infested habitations live inside of walls, though some live inside of rotting wood fixtures or cracked foundation. Some continue to nest outside and enter the home in search of food and water to bring back to their nest. Depending on the species, the invading ants may actually be part of a much larger colony, or several nests with related queens that have spread out. Once the location of the ants’ nest has been located, it must be eliminated and their access to the home cut off. This means sealing cracks and removing damaged fixtures, as well as cutting back foliage that adjoins the house.

Ants Removing What Attracted Them Inside

An ant infestation is unpleasant to deal with, but with time and effort it can be controlled. With knowledge of what ants’ desire inside of a home comes the knowledge of how best to deny them food, water, and shelter. Taking these steps, along with contacting a knowledgeable and licensed professional, will help any homeowner get rid of ants safely, along with prevention ant infestations in the future.

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