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Zika Virus Signs and Symptoms

Most people know that mosquitoes carry diseases. One of the most recent to be discovered is Zika. Since this virus can cause devastating consequences, it is important to understand the relationship between mosquito bites and the Zika virus. 

What Is Zika?

This virus presents itself differently in various groups of people. Some individuals will have no signs or symptoms, but others may experience a rash, fever, and sore joints. These symptoms usually surface a few days to a week after a bite.

In severe cases, it may cause microcephaly. This is a brain defect in a developing fetus that can lead to death. Guillain-Barre syndrome, a neurological disorder, may occur as well.

How Is Zika Transmitted?

Once a mosquito becomes a carrier, scientists believe that they can pass on the disease for approximately one month, their usual life span. During this period of time, a mosquito will bite up to four people, which means that the virus spreads quickly.

Concerns Over Zika

The Centers for Disease Control issued a few recommendations to the public, especially pregnant women. It advises soon-to-be mothers to avoid visiting areas of the world where outbreaks are prevalent. This will help to prevent complications in their newborns.

If you believe that you have contacted Zika, it is vital to seek medical attention. Blood tests can be performed to diagnose the virus. Zika usually remains in the body for approximately one week and can be spread to other mosquitoes during this period.

Zika Virus Prevention

To lower the chances of being bitten, preventative measures must be taken. It is recommended to use DEET insect repellent, to remain indoors or in screened environments, and to wear long sleeves and pants.

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