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How to Keep Fleas From Coming Back

Removing fleas from the premises takes time and perseverance. It is not complicated but the actions required need to be thorough. Several of these measures may need to be repeated several times to assure the property is free of these pests, keeping fleas from coming back.

1ST Step – Find the Source of the Flea Infestation

When it has been discovered that both the family and pets are suffering from flea bites, determining where the fleas came from is imperative. Several areas of the home should be checked for help keeping fleas out of home:

• Carpets and Rugs
• Pet bedding
• Family bedrooms, where pets may sleep
• Furniture
• Car rugs and upholstery if animals have been transported
• Mulch in gardens
• Cracks and crevices around home where they may be gaining entrance
• Basements, crawl spaces, garages, and yard for nests of rodents and small mammals that attract fleas

2ND Step – Wash and Clean Affected Items

It is important to give the property a thorough, systematic cleaning to remove these insects, keeping fleas out of home. Cleaning sheets, blankets, bedspreads and towels from the entire house need to be washed in the hottest water possible. Then all the floors and carpeting need to be vacuumed as well as all the furniture and pillows. When finished with vacuuming, remove the vacuum cleaner bag or canister and place the debris collected in a tightly sealed bag and put immediately out in the trash. Then wash all the hard surfaces, looking for any debris or dead fleas. If you see even one flea after the first cleaning, it would be wise to wash the area again. One flea usually means there are more to follow.

For keeping fleas from coming back, wash your pets in special flea shampoo. This shampoo is devised to ease the pain from the itching and kill any fleas on the pet. Veterinarians will have medically approved flea baths and applications to keep your pet safe. They also have monthly applications to maintain flea and tick prevention.

3RD Step – Hire a Professional Flea Control Team

For guaranteed service and professionally designed treatment strategies that continue keeping fleas out of your home, call a professional. Their multifaceted programs are proven effective to remove fleas. They know the ecologically approved methods to keep both the outside and inside of the home clear of any further infestations. Preventing fleas from developing into a major problem in the home is a job for the pros. With their expertise, they will know the recommended treatments to keep everyone in the home safe from flea bites and disease.