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Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests found in homes. While they can usually be controlled through prevention, baits, and sprays, sometimes professional help is needed. Roach extermination should be handled by professionals when the infestation becomes serious, which can be detected via certain telltale signs.

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The surest sign that professional roach infestation elimination is needed is when cockroaches become visible during daytime hours. Roaches prefer small dark locations, so when they are visible in bright light it is a sign that their numbers have increased to the point that they are being pushed out of usual hiding places. Another sign of a serious roach infestation is a telltale strong odor. When enough cockroaches are in a single location, a distinct smell can be detected. This is a combination of the odors that roaches give off combined with their urine and feces. The smell has been described as musky, oily, and similar to that of a wet dog.

Besides the smell, large numbers of cockroaches leave their feces out in the open. Roach feces are similar in appearance to coffee grounds, and are typically found in areas of high traffic for roaches. If cockroach droppings are found in large amounts and in many areas, it is another sign of a serious infestation. Along with feces, egg casings can also be seen. These casings are cylindrical in shape and brown in color, and hold between 10 and 50 eggs in each depending on the species of cockroach. Depending on the temperature each egg can hatch in 24 to 70 days, and the young roaches reach sexual maturity in a matter of weeks. If roach extermination is not handled quickly and effectively once these egg casings have been found, the cockroach population can grow exponentially in a short amount of time.

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In addition to being an unsightly pest, cockroaches can be a health hazard, particularly in large numbers. They are capable of spoiling food, causing disease, and in extreme cases even biting humans. Aggressive roach infestation elimination by a licensed pest control professional is the best way to ensure that the problems posed by cockroaches are a thing of the past, and diligent prevention can safeguard a home from future infestations.